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Carlos E. Martinez

Family Law Attorney

Legal Help that is accessible to everyone.

Carlos E Martinez stands out from the rest. With a sincere dedication to aiding New Mexicans from all walks of life, Carlos ensures legal help is accessible to everyone. Offering sliding scale services, he believes financial limitations should never impede access to justice.

Looking for a Family Law Attorney?

I have a passion for helping New Mexicans of all demographics. I provide sliding scale services so that families of all income levels can have access to needed legal help. 

I am proud to say that I have helped clients from various Central and South American countries who were turned away by other law firms due to their lack of sufficient income and an inability to communicate with them in Spanish. 

My first real job, after college, where I was able to help those in need was as Peace Corps Volunteer in South America where I worked with farmers.

Areas of Practice

Guardianship + Conservatorship

What happens when a loved one becomes an adult or has already been an adult for many years but cannot be trusted to make those adult-type decisions regarding their own health, safety, and/or finances? Maybe they need a guardian and/or conservator to help them make these important decisions. Maybe all they need is a power of attorney?

Understanding the ins and outs of what is entailed in setting up a guardianship and/or conservatorship can be complicated. Contact me to set up a consult and learn more about what is involved in setting up a guardianship and/or conservatorship for your loved one.

Family Law

Let’s face it, having to deal with legal matters involving child custody, child support and/or divorce really sucks. If it didn’t you wouldn’t be looking for a lawyer to pay to help you figure it all out. I provide up to one-hour consultations to help you get the information you need to better understand your options. After our consultation, if further help is needed, we can discuss the possibility of what your needs are and how you and I can accomplish these goals together.

Servicios En Español

Yo oferto servicios legales en Español en casos familiares y tutela. Pienso que es importante que tienes un abogado que puede orientarte en su idioma para que entiendes bien todo los opciones que tiene. Llamame para hacerte una consulta para ver si podemos ayudarte.

Self Help | Resources

Free Guardianship

Your loved one may qualify for a free guardianship through the New Mexico Office of Guardianship.  It may be worth finding out. You can get more information on the following website: 

The Adult Guardianship and Conservatorship Process

To learn more about the adult guardianship and conservatorship process, please visit the following link

Do It Yourself Forms

The following is the New Mexico Courts website which contains various free forms that may be useful for you in your quest for starting or continuing a guardianship and/or conservatorship: 

Doing Family Law On Your Own

The Second Judicial Court Website has excellent resources for those who wish to attempt to navigate their family law issues (Divorce, and Custody, Child Support) on their own.  Visit the following website and click on the Family Forms and Procedures Folder 

For districts other than Second Judicial, please visit this link: 

Calculating Your Own Child Support Payments

If you want to have a general idea of what you may have to pay or may be able to receive in child support payments check out the following website: 

Training Materials

Guardianship Handbook

The Guardianship Handbook is “intended as a practical guide for use by the general public. The purpose of the manual is to provide general information concerning guardianship, conservatorship and alternatives to guardianship and conservatorship.” Find this handbook at the following link. 

Orientation Videos

A proposed guardian and/or conservator must watch a series of videos to complete the Adult Guardian and Conservator Orientation Program. Find those videos at the following link.

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